Thursday, April 16, 2015

Years and days gone by.

When I last updated this blog, I was doing so while at a former employer. I was writing about Lovecraft because the work was drying up at that firm, and I knew it, and in between posts on Lovecraft and reading his work, I was sending out resumes and cover letters to pretty much anyone who had a job on offer that I could've squeezed into.

I'm back here to work on a paper for an HP Lovecraft conference this August (NecronomiCon Providence). I want it to be good, solid, so that my abstract gets accepted and I get to present it.

What I'm going to write about here: I've got nine pages of idea maps on my subject, all of which I will put into prose form and get my ideas together. Before then, and what I'm doing right now, is finishing up some scholarly articles on topics related to Lovecraft and my topic. The deadline for the abstract is 23 May, which I should make pretty easily.

"Time is a flat circle." --Rustin Cohle, True Detective

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