Sunday, May 17, 2015

The map and the mask.

This may be the overarching metaphor for this book.
The mask: Chambers, The King in Yellow, and True Detective ("Who Goes There?" and the unmaskings in Chambers)

The map: Lovecraft and True Detective (palimpsest)


Back to the paper outline:

Brief review of detective fiction and tropes
The investigator in HP Lovecraft
The artist-investigator
    epistemology of investigation
Brief review of Chambers's artists as detectives
Brief review of HP Lovecraft's investigators as detectives
    aesthetics of crime
    aesthetics of redemption
The artist-investigator in True Detective

After another glass of Sauvignon blanc and a few more minutes' thought, here's an improved outline:

Review of detective fiction
   gentleman-investigator/consulting detective
   investigator as failed investigator/criminal
   impossibility of solving crimes/escaping criminal

   visual metaphors
   priest/criminal/community as dominant figure
   concealment metaphors
   palimpsest metaphors
   atonement metaphors

   Chambers: artist as gumshoe
   epistemology of investigator: investigation as a way of knowing

HP Lovecraft's investigators
   artistic sensibilities
   investigators as artist types

   aesthetics of crime defined
   aesthetics of redemption defined
   aesthetics of investigation -> artist-investigator

True Detective
   artist-investigator defined
   Chambers in True Detective
   HP Lovecraft in True Detective


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