Monday, June 8, 2015

Today's research.

I scoured the TOCs of the journal Lovecraft Studies to see what I needed to gather for more reading. Here's the list:

The Masks of Nothing: Notes toward a Possible Reading of Lovecraft, by Eduardo Haro Ibars, translated by Marie Claire Cebrián 17:26-29 (October 1988)

Infratextual Structures in Poe, Bierce, and Lovecraft, by Andrew Wheeler 21:3-23 (April 1990)

Lovecraft: Artist or Poseur?, by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. 22/23:46-49 (Lovecraft centennial issue) (October 1990)

Lovecraft on Human Knowledge: An Exchange, by K. Setiya and S.T. Joshi 24:22-23, 34 (Spring [April] 1991)

Empiricism and the Limits of Knowledge in Lovecraft, by K. Setiya 25:18-22 (Fall [October] 1991)

--Lovecraft’s Semantics, by Kieran Setiya 27:26-30 (Fall [October] 1992)

A Gothic Approach to Lovecraft’s Sense of Outsideness, by Kirk Sigurdson 28:22-34 (Spring [April] 1993)

--Lovecraft’s Aesthetic Development: From Classicism to Decadence, by S.T. Joshi 31:24-34 (Fall [October] 1994)

--Some Aspects of Narration in Lovecraft, by Dan Clore 40:2-11 (Fall 1998)

The Problem with Solving: Implications for Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft Narrators, by Deborah D’Agati 42-43:54-60

“Reality” and Knowledge: Some Notes on the Aesthetic Thought of H.P. Lovecraft, by S.T. Joshi 3:17-27 (October 1980)

Lovecraft’s Concept of “Background”, by Steven J. Mariconda 12:3-12 (April 1986)

The three in italics I have on order via available back issues of the journal; the others I'll need to get through interlibrary loan. 

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